Thursday, March 9, 2017

BLT Unwrap & Roll And More Belgioioso Fun

I'm such a sucker for a fun appetizer- extra points if it's super simple.  Even more extra points if it's low carb.  Still more extra points if it includes bacon, amiright? :-)

This recipe is a winner on all fronts.
Plus I got to use Belgioioso cheese again, which always makes me happy.  Remember when they sent me that selection of cheeses after they hosted our wine and cheese tastings in Des Moines?
My cheese drawer has never been happier- 
I so love that stuff!

This afternoon Allrecipes reached out to its Allstars and asked us to check out some new recipes that Belgioioso had posted.  Well...I was hungry and on my way to the store anyway, so the timing was kind of perfect. :-)

The longest part of putting together this app is cooking the bacon- and that doesn't take long at all.  Once you have that done you simply unroll the mozzarella, layer the filling, roll it back up, and slice it into pinwheels.

Who doesn't like a good pinwheel?  Whether it's Picnic Pinwheels or Spicy Tortilla Rollups I've certainly made my fair share of them over the years.  They're fun and easy- both excellent qualities in a recipe!

The difference between these rollups and most of the rollups you come across?
Generally a rollup is built on a base of tortillas or crescent rolls- not the case here.

Belgioioso has a product called Unwrap & Roll® which is really just a sheet of fresh mozzarella cheese that has been rolled up for you already.  When you're ready to use it you lay it out flat, top it with fillings (whether it's BLT ingredients like I used here or prosciutto, whatever you're heart desires!), and then roll it back up.  Slice into pinwheels and there you go!

Fresh mozzarella always makes me happy and the Unwrap & Roll® is just as great as the other quality cheeses from Belgioioso.  You can find me extolling their virtues right here.  I won't recap all of it for you but I will share that all of their milk is sourced from within 30 miles of their factory and is generally made into cheese the very same day that it is produced.  How's that for fresh?

Anyway, with a base of delicious cheese and the classic winning combination of tomato, lettuce, and bacon this is definitely a winner.  It was hard to keep my hands off the ones I set aside for my husband after I made them- delicious!

8 ounces BelGioioso Unwrap & Roll® fresh mozzarella sheet
3/4 cup spring green lettuce
1 tomato, thinly sliced
4 slices cooked bacon

1. Unroll BelGioioso Unwrap & Roll®. Layer lettuce, tomato and bacon onto sheet. Roll and slice into pinwheels for a hearty and delicious appetizer.

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  1. Nora, what a clever idea! I'm definitely going to make these for low carb snacking! Thanks for sharing.


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