About Me

In case you should find yourself wondering just who I am, I'll give you the highlights- 

 I'm a mid-thirties mommy who is married to an amazing man.  When my daughter was younger she once asked me if I like being married to a "funny man that loves me." I told her that my advice to her was to also find a funny man that loves her when she gets older, because they're the best kind. :-)

I'm a mom to a smart, handsome little boy who happens to have High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder and a hilarious, beautiful, high-energy young lady.

I'm a California transplant living in the South.

I love to cook. A lot. I cook for my family, I cook for my friends, I even cook for the older lady across the street my daughter seems to have adopted. While I've stepped up my camera game a little since I began this blog, my camera isn't anything especially fancy, but it works for basic food photography, which I love thanks to another love of mine, Allrecipes.com. I am an Allrecipes.com Allstar, and it is amazing. Pretty much it means that I love to cook, I love to try new products, and I love to share the good, bad, and ugly about my experiences with others. They ask me to try out recipes or products and I let them know what I think. Not a bad gig, right? An unpaid position, but it is SO much fun!

I'm a daughter of God and I try to live my life in a way that honors him. I have been blessed beyond measure.

Now that you know all about me, feel free to poke around my page. Enjoy!

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