Monday, September 23, 2019

BLAT Pizza and Healthier Crusts

There's something about a good flatbread or light pizza that's just so satisfying.
Flavorful and delicious without being heavy and greasy.

One of the things I love about the CAULIPOWER crusts (remember from the last post about Vietnamese Spring Roll Pizza?) is that they're the perfect, crispy base for toppings while staying light and not weighing me down.  Plus they're SUPER easy to pull out of the freezer and throw together a meal with- no prefacing of crust required!
I'm all about the easy meals at the moment.

I've got to say guys, this is my 5th semester of college and I'm just not digging this one as much as the others.  Maybe it's because I've been fighting a low-key cold and exhaustion for what seems like weeks now.  Maybe it's because I have other stuff on my mind.   Maybe it's just because I seem to have scheduled a semester that consists (almost) entirely of classes that- while in subjects that interest me- are kind of like the bottom level of that area of interest.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Spring Roll Pizza and New Uses for Cauliflower

I'm not sure when cauliflower became the duct tape of the culinary world, but these days it seems to be the cure-all, quick-fix du jour.

Want mashed potatoes?
Mash some cauliflower.
{Blech, btw}

Want rice?
Rice some cauliflower.
{Gotta say...tried it once and it just wasn't doing it for me}

Want a steak?
Grill some cauliflower.
{Tried it.  Good, but no substitute.}

Want pizza crust?
Use some cauliflower!

Ok, that last one...I've been mildly successful with.
I mean, not like "ohmygosh, I can't believe it's not bread!" successful, but tasty successful.
Totally passable on a low-carb diet successful.
{In fact, totally check out this recipe if you're low-carbing it, it's great!}

Lets just say, as a whole, I've not been super-impressed by the ways in which cauliflower has moved up in the world.