Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cooler Weather and Turkey for Breakfast

Saturday morning the sky was gray and the air held just the slightest hint of the the crisp Fall weather to come..  :-) I woke up to a smiling husband, still-sleeping children, and awesome in-laws visiting from out of state.

My mission: Smoked Sausage Frittata.

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My in-laws were willing guinea pigs in my Butterball® adventures during their visit, and it seemed like the perfect morning to try out a new recipe on them- so what if it wasn't Tuesday?  ;-)

This is an incredibly easy recipe.  Between the mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, and basil this already had me salivating- I'm a sucker for caprese.  Add in the smoked turkey sausage that I raved about in my last post, and I was in heaven.

Thankfully, so was everyone I served it to!  It turned out really well, cooked quickly, and took very little effort.  I can definitely see myself repeating this one!  It made for an easy, impressive breakfast for company.

After breakfast I got bison short ribs in the crock pot for my next Allrecipes Allstars assignment (looking forward to sharing that one with you!!) and then we all loaded up and drove out to the middle of nowhere in the mountains to a small family-run apple farm we visit every year.  It's not only a sure sign that Fall is on it's way, but it's just so much fun.  A beautiful drive, awesome (inexpensive!) apples, and the cutest little old couple that run it.  They sold us a whole bushel of apples for $15, then they gave us a whole grocery bag of concord grapes and 5 pounds of potatoes they'd just harvested!  lol ah, the country life.  Anyway, I need to return to entertaining the family again, but I wanted to check in and share this awesome breakfast with you!


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  1. oooh, nora, this looks delish, and your blog is so cute! :) i made it, too, and i'll be posting!

  2. We enjoyed this one too! What a great deal on the produce and apples! gosh, I am all about apple season! I picked up a bunch to make some crockpot applesauce this week! Can't wait!!


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