Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tastes Like Summer: The Perfect Sweet Tea

Twelve years ago, when I joined the Air Force and found myself living in Mississippi, I discovered something amazing- sweet tea.

It may be hard to believe to those of you living East of the Mississippi, but sweet tea is something that simply doesn't exist for most of the country.  I literally didn't know it was a thing until I was, oh, 20 years old or so.

It.  Is.  Life changing.

Personally, I think the best sweet tea I've ever tasted is from a restaurant called Pepper's (also the best potato salad EVER for the record...) but Pal's is a close runner up now that I live in TN.

Regardless, it's perfect.  Some people like it SICKLY sweet.
I can't handle that.
Personally, I like it strong.  Deep, rich, flavorful, and sweet- but not too sweet.  Just enough to make it yummy but not enough to be overwhelming.

And you, dear reader?
Well, thankfully it doesn't matter if you live in Mississippi or my hometown in California, you can make it yourself.

It's SUPER simple!  The perfect cool, refreshing drink for Summer can be in your glass in less than 15 minutes!  One of my favorite Southern finds, I've got the recipe for you below!

1 gallon cold water, separated
1 1/2 cups sugar or Splenda®
16 bags Lipton® black tea

1. Bring 3 cups water to boil.  Add tea bags.  Remove from heat and allow to steep in covered sauce pan for 12 minutes.

2. Add sugar or Splenda® to pitcher.  Remove tea bags from water without squeezing.  Pour tea into pitcher.  Fill pitcher with remaining cold water.  Refrigerate until chilled, serve over ice.


  1. I only drink sweet tea when I visit the south. Which is once a year! I always say I'll abstain, but it never happens. I love the stuff. I like it really brewed strong too! Yum.


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