Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sriracha Honey Pizza And Memories of Doogie Howser

Do you remember those old episodes of Doogie Howser that always ended with his typed diary?
I totally just had a Doogie Howser flashback moment a second ago as I stared at the blinking cursor on this blank screen and tried to decide what to write.

I started once.
And deleted.

I started a second time.
And deleted.

Then I just sat here and stared at this blinking cursor and somehow came to the conclusion that the best tie-in to today's recipe was a childhood memory of Neil Patrick Harris.

I dunno, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to my thought process on that one.
It's been a long day of eating my kids' favorite pizza (hello elliptical tomorrow) and working up the energy to get in the pool.
I know...woe is me.

Anyway, so are you ready for today's special?
Drumroll please...

Sriracha Honey Pizza.

You read that right, folks.
Sriracha.  Honey.  Pizza.

Sweet heat is definitely one of my favorite flavor combinations and I've been dying to try this recipe ever since one of my fellow Allstars, duboo, came up with it when we both received those amazing Countertop Induction Ovens from Panasonic earlier this year.

Remember that?
Oh my goodness I love that thing, and not just because I got mine for free.
It makes cooking so easy.
Even if you don't have one of your own you can absolutely adapt this recipe (and the recipes I created for Quick and Easy Caprese Chicken and Quick and Easy BBQ Chicken Pizza btw- boy did I get creative with those names!) for your regular oven.

Anyway, so this recipe has been hanging out calling my name for awhile, especially because I love both honey (I hate to admit that I'm becoming a bit of a honey snob) and sriracha.

The sriracha honey mixture in this recipe?
I could literally eat it with a spoon.
It is to die for.
I made chicken nuggets for my son for dinner the day I made this and I made an extra nugget for myself just so I could dip it in this heavenly goodness.

Anyway, so back to the pizza.
It's super simple, because when we were tasked with creating these recipes for the CIO we were asked to use no more than 5 ingredients and for the recipe to take no more than 30 minutes start to finish, so this is kind of the perfect weeknight (or weekend or midnight snack) meal.

If you're using a CIO you just use the grill function to cook up sliced chicken and then toss it with that sriracha honey mixture.

A store-bought pizza crust fits perfectly in the CIO, so the next step is to unroll one of those guys in the tray and spread it with ranch dressing (stick with me here- I was skeptical too.  I shouldn't have been).  Add the sauced chicken, top with cheese.  Personally I added some sliced green onion and other reviewers did cilantro too, but that's just a personal preference.  Toss it back in the CIO on the frozen pizza setting and in no time at all you have one INSANELY GOOD pizza!

Seriously packed with flavor.  My husband ate like...all of it.
I assured him I wasn't judging.  lol I understood the siren's call of that sriracha honey goodness.

1/2 C honey
3 Tbsp sriracha sauce, or more to taste
2 skinless, boneless chicken breasts, cut into 3/4"pieces
1 (10 oz) container refrigerated pizza crust
2/3 C ranch dressing
1 C Colby Jack cheese
Sliced green onion or cilantro if desired

1. Preheat Panasonic Countertop Induction Oven to Medium on the "Grill" setting.  Mix honey and sriracha sauce together in a bowl.

2. Spread chicken on the grill pan and set the timer for 4 minutes. Turn chicken after 2 minutes. Remove from the oven and stir into the honey mixture.

3. Unroll pizza crust flat onto the grill pan. Spread ranch dressing on top. Remove chicken from the honey mixture and place on top of the ranch dressing. Sprinkle Colby Jack cheese over chicken.  Drizzle with excess sriracha honey mixture if desired.

4. Place pizza in the oven and press "Auto Cook." Select the frozen pizza setting, 12-inch size. Allow pizza to cook until timer goes off, about 13 minutes. Cut pizza into slices.

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  1. Oh my word I TOTALLY need to make this with a grain-free crust!!! Love this recipe and can't wait to try it. All the heart-faces. ;)


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