Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Love This Wreath!

No joke.  This wreath is stunning.
It's a festive statement for my front door and gets compliments from everyone who sees it.  I'm absolutely in love!

I found the inspiration on Pinterest and the directions from Becky at Matt &Becky's Blog.

The directions are fairly straightforward, and she's honest about the number of ornaments it takes.  Essentially you glue the largest ornaments to the wreath form first and then fill in the gaps with progressively smaller ornaments.  I used a 16" wreath form and 132 ornaments in 4 different sizes.  Truth be told, if I didn't already have $38 (eek!  lol don't tell my husband, he might have a heart attack) in this thing in materials I'd go back and get more of the teeny tiny ones to fill some small gaps.  I've priced similar wreaths in stores and this one's a bargain!  Not to mention you get the satisfaction of knowing you've made it yourself.

The more I look at my wreath, the more I think I'll attempt another one- but I did learn some things along the way.

Next time I'll:
Use a smaller wreath form
Choose a wreath form that's not bright white
Use more large ornaments
Make sure I use a glue that will definitely stand up to the elements

It's 39 degrees outside right now and this is my wreath's first night on my door facing the elements.  Cross your fingers that standard hot glue stands up to the cold and I don't have a front porch full of broken ornaments in the morning!  I didn't think about that until I was pretty much done gluing everything together.

Anyway, in the end, I'm very pleased with this project and will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for clearances on cheap ornaments after the holidays!

Update: The low was around 30 last night and the glue held up fine!

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