Saturday, December 8, 2018

Cranberry-Turkey Pinwheels and Too Many Leftovers

The day after Thanksgiving my husband left to go visit family for a few days.

Do you know what that means?
He left me with boatloads of Thanksgiving leftovers.

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where the menu simply must stay fairly set.
I mean sure, you can add or subtract a dish here or there.

But we have to have turkey (rather, my daughter requires turkey).
We have to have cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, corn, Mac and cheese, deviled eggs, sausage balls, pumpkin pie, and other things I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Oh, also my son- who generally just doesn't eat most of what we eat- got very excited about "Thanksgiving pizza!" this year.
Read: I made a bunch of food, placed tiny bites of it on a plate for him, and then served him a single-serving Digiorno.

He was incredibly pleased with his meal.

Anyway, I digress.
I had a wall of leftovers in the fridge that far surpassed the appetite required to finish them off.

I ended up Googling the freezer potential of pretty much everything I'd made and freezing the equivalent of a second Thanksgiving meal- hello Christmas, just add ham!

Still, half of a ridiculous amount of food is still a lot and after the second day I was pretty much over another plate of Thanksgiving dinner and wanted something a little lighter feeling.

So I made wraps.

I took that incredible cranberry sauce I'm so fond of, some carved turkey, and then added a little cheese and some thinly sliced crisp apple.

Honestly.  It was the perfect anecdote to that heavy holiday food- and it helped use up leftovers too!

These wraps were so good that I am still contemplating defrosting the turkey and cranberry sauce I froze so I can have another.  Thankfully, even if you're past the point of working through Thanksgiving leftovers (if you're not, ahem, it may be time to clean out that fridge!) this recipe is simple enough to make with some pre-made cranberry sauce and a quick trip to the deli section of your grocery store.

Another bonus?  That green apple and red cranberry makes this the perfect Christmas-season nosh!

1/2 C cream cheese, softened
1/2 C whole-berry cranberry sauce
4 (10") flour tortillas
12 oz thinly sliced roast turkey
4 oz thinly sliced Swiss cheese, chopped
2 oz thinly sliced Granny Smith apple

1. Combine cream cheese and cranberry sauce in a bowl. Spread 1/4 of the mixture across the surface of each tortilla, spreading all the way to the edges. Top each evenly with 1/4 of the sliced turkey, chopped Swiss cheese, and sliced apples.

2. Roll tortillas up tightly and wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate rolled tortillas for at least 1 hour. Slice each chilled tortilla roll into 8 pieces before serving.

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