Monday, October 28, 2013

The Fall Flavor Challenge Take Two

I mentioned before that the Allrecipes Allstars are partnering with SPLENDA® Sweetener this month, something I'm pretty excited about.  We go through a LOT of SPLENDA® Sweetener in this house!

I sub it for sugar very often..in coffee, soups, sauces, salads....but to be honest, I've never- EVER- baked with it.

This was new territory to me.  I already knew that we enjoyed it in the pumpkin cookies and mini apple muffins I made last week, but I had a new apple vs. pumpkin challenge posed to me by SPLENDA® Sweetener and Allrecipes.com.  

No Bake Pumpkin Chiffon Pie and Cranberry Apple Relish.  Which one would come out ahead?  Pumpkin won the last round...which one would take the prize this time around?  

I started with the pie.  Now, I have to be honest- I'm cool with SPLENDA® Sweetener.  I use it all the time but I really prefer the SPLENDA® Sweetener Sugar Blend for baking.  When you need that much sweet...the blend is better.  And I did sub it in these recipes.

The pie.  Well, it was good.  It was!  But despite the "no-bake" quality, it took more work than a regular pumpkin pie because of the stovetop cooking time.  The "no-bake" part makes you think it's one of those super-easy pies, and it's really more time consuming than a  regular pie.  Not that that really matters, to be honest, because it's STILL easy to make.  It's a nice spin on a traditional pumpkin pie.  My mother-in-law's husband has to watch his sugar intake, so I took a good portion of it over for him to enjoy :-)

I chose to pair this pie with SPLENDA® Sweetener's Sweet Hot Chocolate recipe.  This was a hit- both my husband and daughter loved it!  Easy to make and tasty, I'd definitely make this one again.  The only way I strayed from the recipe was adding a dash of vanilla to the finished product.  I just couldn't help myself :-)

Next up?  Cranberry Apple Relish.  This stuff is sooooo good.  I might be a little biased, because I freaking love cranberry.  I've mentioned my love of all things cranberry before- cranberry sauce, cranberry juice...mmmm...I've got a soft spot in my heart for those little guys.  It's no surprise that I loved the relish too!  I did leave out the raisins because my husband can be a little picky about things like that.  I chose to serve it with thick-cut pork chops, but it would be great with chicken or fish also.  :-) I just happen to have a pork chop loving husband.
I chose to pair the relish and chops (or at least top them off after dinner...) with Holiday Spiced Tea.  Paired PERFECTLY with the cranberry and pork!  Orange, cinnamon, lemon, clove...perfect for a chilly fall night!  I'm not a big tea person (unless it's the iced, Southern sweet tea variety I only discovered once I left California), but those I served it to really enjoyed it!

So...I suppose it's time to choose a favorite flavor again...well, this time I have to go with apple.  That relish was awesome, especially when paired with pork chops!  I've had better pumpkin pies, but that relish was absolutely awesome!!

What's your favorite flavor when the weather gets chilly?


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