Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Painted Sidewalks and The Perfect Biscuit

I turned 30 a little under a week ago, which I find neither good nor bad, just...weird.

Weird that I am living squarely in adulthood.

You would think that after getting married and having a couple of kids I would have felt like a grown-up long ago...but I don't feel old.  Time just flies by so quickly nowadays...it's so strange to say goodbye to my 20's, you know?  I don't know maybe you do, maybe you don't, maybe you're like my (older) husband and laughing at me as I contemplate all of this, but anyway...lol somewhere along the line I completely lost control of this paragraph.

My point (yes, I did have one) is that as I get older I've started paying more attention to what's important in life...

Lets Try This Again...

Well, here I go again, back for another attempt at blogging!

Truth be told, I'd forgotten that I'd deleted my last blog, which I suppose is a testament to just how irregularly I used it...

I'm definitely making it my goal to do much MUCH better this time!

So who am I?
 I'm a California transplant living in Tennessee.