Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Chicken Fried Steak and Weird Diets

When I was eighteen my best friend and I moved out together.
We got a cheap apartment in a sketchy area of a sketchy little sleepy town ten minutes north of our hometown.

We were the first of our friends to move out and have adult responsibilities, though with the perspective of age I look back at those years and shake my head at the idea that I was anything close to an actual adult at that point in my life.

That period of the post-high school version of playing house left me with some amazing memories, not the least of which involved our friends surfing our inflatable couch down the apartment stairs.
Our poor neighbors!

Anyway, one thing that our apartment was never, ever without was a package of chicken fried steak in the freezer.
No, not for me.  I can appreciate the flavor but I'm not really a meat-and-potatoes type.

But my best friend was.
Oh my gosh was she.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Tropical Mango Salsa Scallops and a Terrible Picture

I'm just going to lead with the fact that this is one ugly picture.
I went back and forth and back and forth trying to decide whether I should post it, but in the end the fact that this is one *incredible* recipe won out and I decided to share it with you and trust that sometimes when there are amazing scallops to be eaten a girl just doesn't want to take the time to deal with lighting and such at the end of the day.

Priorities,  you know?

I love scallops SO much.  Sea scallops, specifically.
They're one of my favorite foods in the entire world and if they weren't prohibitively expensive to eat regularly I'd eat them pretty much all the time.

The other day I needed a scallop fix and I decided to go with something fruity.
I LOVE fruity salsas (remember that Pineapple Salsa I made over the summer?) and these Mango Salsa Scallops sounded right up my culinary alley.  I was definitely right.